Wednesday, 14 January 2015

He may have a point.

Whilst on our way back from the local flying club meeting, I was chatting to my friend about his Foreflight subscription and set up. It looks kind of funky and shiny and a legitimate replacement for replacing the ongoing tide of the never ceasing CFS issues that I need as well as having other useful features.

I put forward the suggestion that the next time I needed to fly to keep current, I’d take him up and we could plan a short local flight using his IPad and Foreflight for the navigation.*

Having two pilots on board would allow me to play with the navigation stuff whilst having someone to delegate stuff to if needed.

We spoke every briefly about the logistics; I’d be PIC but we’d brief very thoroughly on who was doing what and when.

“So,” I joked” you trust me enough to fly you then?”

“It’ll be fine” he replied.

“Thanks, that’s a nice vote of confidence.” I remarked, a little pleased with myself

“Well, I reckon I could take you out with a single punch, so it’ll be fine. Never fly with someone you either don’t trust or can’t easily overpower” he commented.

I have a suspicion that this is actually good advice.

I think!

*Yes I'll still have paper charts as a back up. Paper doesn't run out of juice on you! 

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