Monday, 12 January 2015

Resolutions for 2015

This post has been kind of a tough one to write. For the past two years my resolutions have centred firmly around getting my PPL. Now I have it, so what next?
Well I don’t usually do the resolutions thingy so most of them are going still going to be flying related I guess.
Here goes (in no particular order)

1)      Carry on flying – this might sound obvious but I don’t want to be one of those people who get their licence and then just let it go. I’ve resigned myself to not doing much flying in the winter as, to be honest, pushing planes around in windchills of minus twenty isn’t that much fun!

2)      Be involved – in the aviation community in general. Even if that just means going along to the informal meetings and listening to tall tales. So far, from what I can tell, the demographics of these clubs are exactly what I expected them to be, but that’s never going to change if people like me don’t start turning up to these things!

3)      Fly something different - my solid goal for 2015 is to get some left seat flying time in something other than a 172. That might mean that I have to trawl the flight school in the area and smile sweetly at someone for a ride there but I definitely want to play in something different.

4)      Carry on blogging – I still mean to carry on with Localflighteast but I’m resigned to the fact that it won’t be a daily update any more. Each flying lesson would generate about 4 blog posts. Now I’m not flying weekly, I just don’t have the material. If you can’t be bothered checking back to see when I’ve updated, use the “subscribe by email” option at the bottom.

5)      Carry on writing – I’m pecking away at some new material for my book and have managed to coopt a friend into helping with some editorial duties. I’ve also discovered that it is ridiculously easy to self-publish an e-book, so no excuses there. On a related note I’ve found this event which I fully intend in participating this year.

6)      Read more – I got into terrible reading habits last year and I blame it all on flying. Basically while I was trying to get my PPL, especially the written exam, I felt guilty at reading anything that wasn’t related to flying (IE From the Ground Up) but really couldn’t motivate myself to read the actual books I needed to.  So I’d kind of cheat and reread old familiar, safe and comfortable books. Which fulfilled my need to be reading something but didn’t make me feel like I was diverting precious mental energy away from flying. Consequently I read shockingly few new books in 2014. That needs to change.

Well there’s six of ‘em for you, that should do for this year!

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  1. They all sound like worthy goals. Have a great 2015 and most importantly, enjoy your first year as a PPL!