Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Enjoying the view: A year in review

It is that time of year again; time to review the resolutions from last year. So how did I do?

1)       I’m going to stop procrastinating over the written exam. Did it finally, forced myself to take a days vacation from work and bit the bullet. I put this off for far too long and the simple reason why is that I was afraid of failing it. Therefore if I didn’t try, I couldn’t fail. To be fair it also took me a long time to find a study method that worked for me. There was too much material to make massively comprehensive notes and I don’t retain info just by reading it. Eventually the app for my phone proved to be the key. Handling 10 questions at a time made it seem manageable and my commute is pretty much dead time anyways. I also think that delaying it a bit helped as I had practical context for a lot of the questions, some of the answers I knew just through my experience in the air.

2)      I’m going to get my PPL. Well yeah, I managed this one alright! Biggest achievement of my life, I think. Never to be matched. It’s funny how I remember some parts of the flight test with utmost clarity and other parts I have no recollection of at all. According to the flight test report, I did an obstacle takeoff. I normally don’t like those because of the nose up attitude. I have no memory of doing one at all! On the other hand I recall distinctly my thought processes as I entered the control zone around city and realised that all the hard stuff was behind me and all that stood between me and success was a couple of simple circuits.

3)      I’m going to pay it back. I’m working on this; I have some plans for Women of Aviation Week at work. I’ve been helping a student at school who is writing a paper on “the Practical Applications of Vectors in Aviation”. Showing her how to use an E6b was a hoot and the look on her face when I gave her one of my old charts and a copy of the CFS to keep was priceless.  I’m also making a conscious effort to reach out to other student pilots on the internet. There are certain stages that we all go through; it helps to know that you’ll make it through the other side.

4)      I’m going to start on my book. I have actually made a start on this. I’ve written some fresh material, even an introductory section. I also have a very good friend who has agreed to act an an editor. Now I just need to write more.

5)      I’m going to learn some stuff about video production and editing. This is the one that I really let slide. I really struggle with creative ideas for my video footage, so at the moment I’m just leaving it as it is.  Maybe inspiration will strike me at some point, until then I think I’m just going to leave this one.

6)      I’m going to become a better passenger when RTH is flying. Tough one this, RTH hasn’t really been doing much in the way of recreational flying. He’s done a few flights towards his night rating. I’ve been staying out of those as he needs an environment that is conducive to learning. Hopefully in the New Year some of the “flying money” can go to him rather than my training. I’m counting this one as a success though, as I’ve been a passenger with D and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

So overall I’m giving myself an A+ for the year, I mean what else could I give myself in the year I achieved the impossible? The flea climbed Mount Everest and firmly planted her flag there. Now it’s time to enjoy the view.

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