Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Weird stuff, non-flying related

I have a bit of an internet presence that isn’t Local flight East related. Mostly on a forum for British expats that I make no attempt to remain anonymous on.

Mostly it’s just online stuff but a couple of times a year we try and arrange meet ups. That in itself gets interesting as you try to locate a group of people in a pub who a) you’ve never met before and b) have no idea what their real names are.

As with anything internet related, there are a few “characters”, a lot of in jokes and various ongoing sagas.

Anyways, it is Annual awards time. This year I have made the shortlist for three of them in the “Canada” section.

I’m in the running for
1)      Nicest poster (have no idea how this happened)
2)      Poster I’d like to have afternoon tea at the Ritz with (a little upset that I didn’t make it into the “gin soaked binge” category)

And finally and most bizarrely

3)      “Most Zealous Marmite Aficionado”  

For the record I loathe the stuff, so I can only assume that the nomination was intended ironically.

Sadly I’m dead last on number 1 but winning number 3.

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