Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What’s your title?

Or Random Questions I get asked by coworkers.

Most of my coworkers are at the very least interested in my pilot type antics. To the extent that I’ve got kind of a waiting list of people who actually want to fly with me. Some of them may have ulterior motives, like our IT guy who lives in Bramptom, right next to the airport and feels that he should be able to charter me to fly him home. He is strangely quiet on the topic of funding my CPL though!

I was walking from the subway with one of my newer coworkers. Once people know what I do for a hobby inevitably I get asked “so, been flying recently?” as a conversation opener.

She had a new one though, she asked, “so what’s your title now?”

I must have looked confused “Are you called Captain?” she clarified.

I didn’t really know how to answer that one. I just laughed.

Think I might have a word with HR though, I quite like the idea of changing my name on all work stuff to Captain LFE.

Whatchya think?

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