Friday, 19 December 2014

Lesser known hazards of the office party

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t go to mine, the combo of alcohol and idiots not being conducive to me keeping my job. But I did go to RTH’s. A little less fancy than the year-of-the-sparkly-shoes but still pretty good.

Clotheswise it was still problematic though, Friday is a casual day here so I couldn’t wear anything too fancy to work without drawing the inevitable ‘got an interview?” snide remarks, so I dressed “normally” and carefully folded my newly dry cleaned suit in my bag and changed at the end of the day.

I jumped in a taxi, heels and snow generally being a bad combination, and immediately caught my tights on the Velcro fastening on my bag.

This is why I can’t have nice things.

But this wasn’t the main hazard. No it would seem that the combo of fake leather on my funky new suit and dry cleaning chemicals has left me the worst case of contact dermatitis in living history. All up my arms where they came into contact with the sleeves.

I’m ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY and having to stop myself ripping my own skin off.

Just one more reason why the office Christmas party is a bad idea.

On a positive note I managed to waste a good half hour in total texting a friend, googling various pictures of rashes and trading findings .

We were both relieved to discover that I didn't have Ebola , Lyme disease, ringworm or West Nile.

According to one flow chart though, it could have been Lupus.

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