Monday, 8 December 2014

Rules of engagement

The weather is looking just perfect, sun, no precipitation forecast, winds due to swing around to right down the runway. A great day to go flying.

This was going to be my second flight since getting my license and my first with RTH as my passenger. To be honest I was probably more nervous with him on board than I was with K and M.

RTH and I are blessed with the kind of relationship where we actually talk to each other and we knew that this situation had the potential to cause all kinds of interesting issues. So we’ve agreed on some “Rules of Engagement” in the hope that we can pre-empt some of these concerns.

I have no doubt that this list will grow as we encounter new situations, but the list looks like this for the moment

·         Each flight will have one person designated as PIC, they may want the other person to help out with any tasks such as navigating etc but they are PIC

·         The PIC makes all decisions with regard to go/no go decisions on the ground and in the air

·         On hearing “go around”, whoever is flying does exactly that, we discuss why  once we are back at a stable flying level.*

·         There is to be no taking of the controls – at least not without mutual consent and positive handover (I have control etc.)

Hopefully this will be good enough to keep us safe in the air and speaking on the ground.

* This kind of happened to RTH when he was flying with another pilot. RTH was the passenger, on landing he saw some power lines that he wasn’t sure if the pilot had. He called out “power!” The other pilot apparently executed a flawless go around and they came back for another try! Good observation on RTH’s part and awesome flying from the other pilot in that he didn’t ask what or why, just did it and then had the discussion!

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