Saturday, 11 October 2014

Things not to say

Bit of a rough week at work. My good, dear friend E, was leaving under not entirely voluntary circumstances. In circumstances that have left a bit of a bad taste in all our mouths to be honest.

To see her off we all congregate together after work at a local drinking establishment with the sole purpose of letting off some steam and getting E (who normally doesn’t drink) “white girl wasted”*

Those of us with any sense had booked the following day off work.  Myself included.

However I’d also been mildly stupid enough to book my mock flight test with TOI for the next day as well. We’ve had to cancel a couple of times due to cruddy weather and I’m getting just a teensy bit impatient.

I was astute enough to book it for late in the afternoon, but I knew I’d have to moderate my alcohol intake just a little. I stuck to my usual whatever-whiskey-looks-halfway-decent on the rocks but sat out every other round of drinks.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t having fun! By 1:00 am the party was in full swing, as I finished off my maybe 7 or 8th drink the waitress tried to persuade me to have one more.

Without thinking I replied “Better not, I’ve got a flight tomorrow”

“Oh, going anywhere nice?” She enquired.

The whole table chorused “NO, SHE’S THE PILOT!”

Exit one rather horrified waitress!

*This is a lot funnier if you know her!

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