Thursday, 16 October 2014

The problem in hand

For someone who has pretty much no manual dexterity my hands are remarkably quick when I don’t want them to be.

TOI was mildly bemused at the fact that I can happily talk through a manoeuvre, explaining what I need to do, while my hands proceed to do the exact opposite.

A couple of examples ( so it is not even a one off thing) : Spiral dive, TOI puts me into one and calls “recover”. I talk through the stages of recovery out loud:

“throttle idle”

“level the wings”

“now pull out of the dive”

“bleed off the airspeed”

“now recover lost altitude”

Unfortunately even as my mouth is saying the words, my hands have wandered off and started doing their own thing. Not waiting until my wings are level before bringing the nose up.

Ditto with stalls. I’m no longer whimpering out loud at the thought of doing power on ones but TOI has been a little on the nasty side in requesting a climbing, turning power on stall. Guaranteed wing drop.

Even as I’m verbalising “No ailerons”, my hands are threatening to yank that control column around.

They honestly seem to have a life of their own at the moment

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