Sunday, 12 October 2014

Not exactly an auspicious start

A heavy night /morning out the day before and a lingering cough, I’m not exactly at 100% capacity at the moment but the weather forecast looked good for once.  So I dutifully made my way down to the airport for my mock flight test with TOI.

I really wasn’t sure I wanted to do this; I did everything I could to think of a way out. Were the winds looking too blowy? What were those localised showers I could see on the GFA? Was the cloud base too low? Was I meant to have made the plane booking? Maybe I’d get there and TOI would have forgotten that he was meant to be flying with me.

Stupid school kid stuff to try and find a way out.

Then when I got there JES was still in maintenance. Maybe they’d find something and we’d both be grounded.

No such luck. After a short briefing with TOI, I headed down to the hanger to help the guys push her out onto the apron.

As we got into the plane I realised that I needed to put on my game face here and  started my cheerful, smiling “this is your captain speaking” passenger briefing.

Relieved that I’d survived that relatively intact, I switched my attention to the checklist and the pre start checks.  I got through exactly 3 point on the checklist before I had to stop and say “excuse me one moment” and then unbuckled my belt sand pushed back my seat.

“My headset is still in the back” I muttered by way of an explanation.

Oh yeah, off to an auspicious start for sure!

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