Thursday, 9 October 2014

I got careless

Not with the flying this time though,

I got home to an apartment that was pretty much as I left it, apart from an odd scattering of loose sheets of paper adorning the floor. Puzzlement quickly turned to horror as I realised that I’d left my laptop and some practice flight test questions lying on the floor from the previous night.

A quick glance confirmed my suspicions as I caught the Roomba poised astride my poor computer, its batteries had literally run flat in the act.

Fearing the worse I separated the two machines, noticing to my disgust that the Roomba had managed to twist my tablet’s screen 270 degrees around.

Surprisingly though, once I had removed the stylus lanyard from around the Roomba’s wheels, the laptop seemed to function just fine. It had, apparently, survived being humped to death for the best part of the day.

The Roomba had a mere few scratches on its base.

It would seem that Fujitsu make bloody strong computers and Roombas will hump anything they can get away with!

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