Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Not my fault this time.

Yay I’m famous (infamous?) in another CADOR report! This one totally not my fault. Full report is here

 Main jist of the text is below:

Winds variable from NW gusting 20kts, Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited (CAVU). A privately registered Piper PA-32RT on a local flight from Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) elected to land runway 26, blown front tire on landing, unable to exit, stopped at intersection runways 26 & 33. An Island Air Flight School & Charters Cessna 172S (C-GSAR) from Maskoka, ON (CYQA) to Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) on final runway 26 instructed to pull up, go around, orbit in downwind, not interested in using runway 24 nor orbiting over city. Runway 26 inspected, tow coordinated for Piper PA-32RT-300T. An Island Air Flight & Charters Cessna 172R (C-FJES), VFR on a local flight from Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) elected to depart runway 24. Spacing coordinated for Porter Airlines (POE724). Wind reduced to 8kts, C-GSAR elected to land runway 24. Runways operational 1758Z

Now I don’t have a huge amount to say about this but again the wording is odd, apparently I “wasn’t interested” in using 24 or orbiting over the city.

Let’s look at the facts, I was just completing a high workload and fairly long flight. Runway 26 would have been a reasonably sporty crosswind, 24 would have just been icky. The approach over the city had been bumpy enough to leave me wishing that I was wearing a sports bra!

No I really wasn’t “interested” in either of those options. As it was the landing on 24 was exciting enough.

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