Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Nailed it.

Things are really starting to come together. I can feel the airwork exercises starting to fall into place. After my success with the instrument work on the way to the practice area, I was in a good frame of mind to attempt a steep turn.

Bob gave me the choice, left or right but he wanted me to carry it through the full 360 degrees. I decided to do one to the left, mainly because I’ve done a fair few to the right with Bob on board.
I eased into the bank, nudged the power in a tad and made sure to keep the nose up. I concentrated inside then out, then back inside again. Following it round the entire orbit. I rolled out (not quite anticipating it soon enough but no major harm), got the nose to cruise attitude and pulled back the extra rpms I’d put in. Re-established at our starting heading I looked expectantly at Bob for some feedback.
“Well that was easy enough.” He said, “nothing wrong with that at all”

One down….

Next the stalls. First one done, exactly the same issue as last time. I howled in sheer, 100% pure frustration. “I’m so p!ssed off with myself” I moaned.

But we worked at them and worked at them, gradually I managed to get my limbs to cooperate and do what they needed to do.

We practiced stall after stall after stall. Each one getting better and better and then, when I’d finally got it, we practiced some more to reassure me that it wasn’t a fluke.

Nailed those too. At the moment I’m tangibly feeling the improvement in each and every skill. I can feel the ability to fly flowing through me and into the plane. Fear has been replaced by confidence, by solid ability. It’s a good swap.

Nailed it.

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