Tuesday, 25 March 2014

If it’s not one thing…

 So I’ve had enforced breaks in flying due to weather and work and now I’m looking at another weekend with no flying.

Don’t really want to complain, this one is of my own choice. We have a friend visiting from the UK and want to show them the sights as it were, so the weekend is calling for a ROAD TRIP!!* 

Although I’m not going to get flying I’m looking forward to it, we still haven’t worked out our itinerary yet but I’m relishing the break. By the time Friday gets here I’ll have worked 12 days straight without a break. 

I’m already in danger of dozing off at my desk and I’m forgetting important details, like my name and phone extension. I picked up the phone to answer a coworkers call and struggled with forming a coherent sentence, instead of my usual “Good morning, WMAP speaking”, I managed “Good morning, um yeah it’s me speaking”

* Has to be said with an obligatory “WHOOOOP!” at the end, at least if you want to annoy your husband!

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