Friday, 7 March 2014

Next time…

I’ve kind of gotten over the weirdness of solo flights where I brief with Bob and then just grab the keys and go flying. For me this was one of the biggest “wow” factors when I first started doing it.

To get my head around the concept that I could just sign out a plane with my instructor saying “you’ve got it for two hours,” before turning around and dealing with his next student, was mind blowing.

Next lesson has the potential to be even weirder, Bob’s away for the weekend (I hope for some much needed rest and relaxation) but I’ll still be in solo currency.

The plan is for us to make contact at some point closer to the weekend to see what the weather looks like. If it seems reasonable then he’ll call the school, make the booking and get someone else to sign me out.

I’ll have gone from Bob not being in the plane with me, to him not being in the same country as me!
He’s noted in my PTR what I’m authorised to do, we’ve briefed on what I need to do and at the end of the day Bob trusts me (quite rightly) not to go beyond what we’ve agreed.

It’s a little bit flattering that he trusts me enough to do this. I have no intention of giving him a reason not to. 

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