Saturday, 15 March 2014

Local drive east

I’ve got family visiting at the moment, specifically my brother. He’s hilarious to be around so shall henceforth be known as Hilarious Brother or HB.

I’ve been introducing HB to the various delights of Canadian life. He’s experienced a nice balmy spring day where the temperatures got up to around 5 degrees C where we went for a nice trek around town, followed by 15cm of snow the next day. That one we decided to sit out.

Today RTH kindly hired a car and we went for a little drive. We had a purpose in mind, which I’ll explain another post.

One of the fun things about today was our destination, we were heading to the Claremont area and beyond, hoping to end up somewhere around Lake Scugog. HB was already vaguely familiar with the areas as I’d pointed them out on my aviation charts. Regular followers will know that our practice area is mainly centred around Claremont.

As we discussed the route HB enquired “so how long will it take to get there?” A very reasonable question, you would think.

At this point I had to admit, rather shame-faced. “I don’t honestly know. I’ve only ever flown there!”

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