Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fortunate one

I got a little angry when I read this news story today. Basically some arsehole guy decided to take issue with the fact that there was a woman daring to fly the plane he was on. He even left her a nice note explaining this. Other sources claim that he was questioning the cabin crew about her qualifications as well.

I find it hard to believe that people with attitudes like this still exist to be honest. I honestly can’t fathom how these attitudes persist in Canada in this day and age. It’s kind of unfortunate timing as well seeing as we are into “women in aviation week

I’ve questioned the need for events like these before, my point possibly being that I didn’t feel that there was any discrimination to be fought anymore. Obviously I’m wrong.  I forget sometimes that I’ve had a privileged upbringing in many ways. No I didn’t come from a wealthy background with rich parents and so forth but I was blessed with parents who supported me in whatever I wanted to do. No “girls don’t do science” crap coming from them for sure. I had parents who encouraged me to explore what was out there, to decide what interested me, with no influences either way. They let me try things, figure out what worked for me with no judgement or preconceived ideas.

Apparently not everyone has that luxury. I don’t know if the muppet who wrote that note has kids. If he does I feel sorry for them. His daughters might never know that a whole world of science and engineering is open to them; they’ll never experience the beauty of an elegant scientific theory or the satisfaction of crafting something with their own hands. To see an engine or piece of machinery in action and say “I had a hand in the creation of that.”

Similarly if he has sons then I suspect a whole range of “traditionally female” careers are probably closed to them right now.

I was fortunate in that the one thing my parents did insist on was a decent education, even thought I suspect it caused a not insignificant financial burden. My education was how I ended up here, both in location and achievements.

It gave me virtually unlimited choices and that is the most powerful thing that you can give anyone.


  1. Patroni Airport 766 March 2014 at 10:07

    This is the 21st Century isn't it ? Or have I travelled back in time a couple of hundred years?

    True , being a pilot has always been a traditional male occupation (insert comment about 'cockpit' here) , but why shouldn't women , trans-genders etc be allowed to pilot a craft?

    Are there some extra exams / training that females have to undertake in order to become a qualified pilot ? Not last time Iooked.

    I recently flew with a very large commercial airline , and a female was the Captain in charge of that flight , it didn't even cross my mind for 1 minute to think that the pilot was not qualified , or even should not be allowed to pilot the craft. Nor did I hear any comments from other passengers.

    I suppose there will always be such people in the world , who believe that women should be at home either making babies , or making cakes. Sadly for these narrow minded individuals , times have changed , and those days have long gone.

    I also assume that if this person were involved in a bad car accident , and a female Paramedic attended, would they refuse treatment?

    1. Ah , nice to see you back Mr Patroni!
      I'm most gratified to hear your positive views of female pilots :)

      I honestly don't get it either. Good job that women are allowed to do more than make babies and cakes as you say , seeing as I've not done either!

      I'm gobsmacked that people can justify these kind of beliefs.

      Oh FYI I believe the more politically correct people now refer to it as a "flight deck"