Friday, 30 August 2013

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Every year at the start of school, I’m forced to sit through the “welcome back” meeting for all staff and faculty, part of which is an inevitable slide show montage of what everyone has been up to over the summer.

Sounds nice, right? And I guess it kind of is but it always causes a bit of friction between Faculty and Staff. Faculty get a good 8 weeks off over the summer. Staff do not. Many of us are lucky to take a few days, if anything. It gets a bit much constantly answering the “so what did you get up to this summer?’ question with “I was here.” And still keep a smile on your face.
Anyways the idea is that we are all meant to submit a photo that sums up what we did over the summer*. This year I have decided to contribute. I wanted to show something flying related.

The trouble is, I have no pictures that show me actually flying the plane, this is mostly because it is hard to fly a plane and photograph yourself!! So I hunted through my pictures and videos looking for a shot that shows a nice view of the city and is fairly obvious that it was taken from a small aircraft.
I finally settled on this shot.
Take off from City Airport

It’s a nice view of the city and although it obviously shows that you are in a small plane , it doesn’t have too much in the way of prop artifacting in it.


* pictures showing nothing but a large bottle of alcohol (mostly empty) are frowned upon!

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