Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Run out of excuses.

I’m on vacation and have a whole lot of nothing planned. Physically I’m tired, mentally a little fatigued also. I’ve got a two week break from flying as well. So what to do?

Well those of you with a good memory may well recall this post, where Bob and I set a goal that I’d be ready to sit my Transport Canada written exam by the end of February. The more observant of you may well realise that it is, in fact, now August. No I haven’t sat the damn exam yet for all kinds of reasons and the truth is now, I’ve run out of excuses.
There’s nothing intrinsically hard per se about the written exam but it does need me to get off my arse and actually learn the sodding stuff. I’ve procrastinated long enough, the conference being a very handy excuse. It takes a lot of organisation and takes a lot out of me mentally. But it is over now and there goes my main excuse for not studying.

I need to get this out of the way now. RTH is losing patience with me and even Bob gets the odd dig in now and again. Time to knuckle down and study. I’ve promised Bob that when he comes back from vacation. I’ll sit the practice exam. I need a letter of recommendation from the flight school to sit the real thing. Once I manage 85% or higher on their exam, I’m set to do the real thing. An exam which actually only requires 65% to pass.
So it is off to the books, at the moment this is scaring me more than the actual flying. I’ve proven that my flying skills are improving but the theory stuff frightens me. I’m meant to be smart, failure here would be devastating. I can cope with struggling at the flying stuff but failing at the theory would not be good.

Right, put it off long enough time to hit the books.


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