Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Looking forward

Hopefully regular readers of this blog will have noted the undertone of optimism reflected in my more recent posts. This blog has been an amazing tool for me, allowing me to reflect on just how far I’ve come. I still remember the circumstances behind each and every post and I’m the first one to admit that I am simply not the same person in that plane anymore.

Looking back is all well and good but I’m definitely in the mood for looking forward at the moment. I know that I have a thousand more obstacles to overcome but I know that I can do this. Bob’ll equip me with the tools and I’ve certainly got the motivation to do this thing.
I have so much that I’m truly excited about at the moment. Bob laid out his plan to expand the repertoire of airwork available to me when soloing. Eventually I will be doing steep turns, stalls, forced approaches and slow flight. All on my own*, with him coming along occasionally to see how it’s all going.

Once we are through that, well then it is time for the really fun stuff. Cross country flights. Away to other airports, dual initially solo eventually. Culminating in the big one, City to Muskoka, Muskoka to Peterborough and then returning to City (hopefully!) The aim being that one day we do it dual, the next day I do it solo.
Now I’m apprehensive about this, I won’t lie. I know this kind of stuff isn’t going to come easy to me but there is an underlying belief that I will be able to do it eventually. I just think it might take me a little longer than some people, that’s all.

I have no problem with taking the leisurely approach to this, I’m enjoying flying. Being in the plane is fun, why hurry?
I expressed this opinion to Bob, that it might take me a while to grasp the navigation stuff. He was sympathetic; as usual he has a plan! We can try for the big one straight off and see how I go. I might be Ok, in which case there you go WMAP, take the plane and call me when you land! Otherwise we can evaluate our options for there, may another shot at it dual first.

Or we can try a smaller jaunt first, maybe just Peterborough. I chimed in hopefully “St Catharines looked to be a fairly simple flight, when I went there with RTH….” Bob just looked at me “yes it is WMAP, which is why we won’t be going there. You’ll not learn anything from following the shoreline round til you hit the airport!” His look telling me that he’s got me sussed!

Damn, worth a try though!
* Not at the same time, that would be BAD!!!!!



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  1. A slow stalled steep gliding turn... definitely not a good idea.