Saturday, 31 August 2013


Good flight today, I’m really happy with it. Not just the technical aspect of the flying but with my attitude. The slow flight didn’t faze me, the stalls didn’t scare me. My heart rate probably the lowest it’s ever been in flight. 

This doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, not by a long shot. Bob still has plenty to say, that’s for sure*. Another person might think he’s being picky, correcting for corrections sake. Another person might get disheartened that despite the fact that they are flying so well, that there’s still a regular stream of suggestions and “room for improvements”.
But I get it, 100%. I completely understand what is going on. I’ve always bemoaned the fact that RTH is a smooth pilot and I’m not.

Well that’s what Bob is trying to get me to be. He’s trying to file off the rough edges; now that he’s convinced I’m safe, he’s going for the finer points, the finesse.
We are totally on the same page at the moment.

* It is true though that solo flight is a chance to escape the nagging!

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