Thursday, 8 August 2013

For a reasonably smart person….

…. I can be really dumb sometimes. I was flying in less than optimal visibility, later in the evening and light to moderate rain. Just a couple of circuits to get a feel for the conditions. I was following a 152 in the circuit, so was a little paranoid about running into the back of it. My circuit flying was fine but I can be amazingly dumb sometimes.

As well as keep trying to take off the sunglasses I wasn’t wearing to improve my view of the Cessna in front I was worried that I kept losing sight of it momentarily. This worried me a little and then it dawned on me….. Nav lights flash.

Now I can see it

Now I’ve lost it
Now I can see it

Now I’ve lost it.

Yep, you get the picture!

Yes you may laugh at your pleasure.

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