Friday, 23 August 2013

Sometimes it pays to be stupid.

Following on from this post  about RTH’s reaction to the VOR session.

Well at the time in the simulator I could tell that RTH was having a harder time with it than I was. And I knew exactly why as well.
RTH was attempting to think. I wasn’t.

RTH was attempting to visualise what was going on, where he was spatially, what the info from the needle was actually telling him.
I wasn’t. As far as I am concerned Bob has given me a set of rules which work. A set of step by step instructions.  A handy aide memoire that will ensure that we are never the dreaded 180 degree off course.

For me that’s enough at the moment.  I’m happy with that. RTH feels (probably quite rightly) the need for a deeper understanding and that’s proving challenging at the moment.
I have no doubt that eventually he will have his Eureka moment and it will all click into place, but for now at least I know what I’m meant to be dialling in where and which way the needle should point!




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