Sunday, 2 November 2014

The waiting is the hardest part

Poor Bob and RTH probably had the worst time of it really. While I was up there happily doing my thing (and doing it quite competently it would seem), they were biting their collective nails on the ground waiting for me to land.

Bob, of course, was at work, I’ve mentioned previously that he has a proper job as well as instructing. The original plan was for my ground portion to start at 2:00, with the flight at 3:00pm ish. As I've mentioned things were running a bit late. I didn't actually take off until 5:00pm

I promised Bob that I’d let him know and that he could “sit in” on the debriefing via speakerphone. Around 5:00 he was getting a bit antsy apparently.

By 6:00pm it would seem that frantic texts were being exchanged between Bob and RTH.

Independently, both of them dialled to LiveATC to listen in. Catching me just as I entered the zone.
Again, independently of each other, they were trying to gauge how well it was going by the tone of my voice on the radio. RTH decided that I “didn’t sound too p!ssed off” and Bob couldn’t tell how I was doing, he decided that I just sounded like me.

Once it was all over and I was trundling back into the hanger, the flight school owner stopped me to congratulate me and then said “Will you please contact Bob, the ‘expectant father’ has called three times already to see if you’ve landed yet!”

Realising how incredibly difficult it must have been for all those on the ground with a vested interest in how I did, I take the time to sneak a quick communique to Bob and RTH before the official debrief.

A single word.


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