Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Having Fun

From my last  but one lesson with Bob:........

Somewhere in the back of my mind is the fact that my time in the cockpit with Bob is coming to an end.

I have kinda mixed feelings about that. I mean I’m raring to be declared an actual proper pilot and everything but my weekend plans for the past two years have pretty much revolved around him and our flights. He’s become a substantial part of my leisure time for sure.

So while my flights with him now are very much focussed on filing off the rough edges for my flight test, I will admit I’m having a little bit of fun as well.

Bob admitted that he was being a little bit picky with my flying, aiming to make me a smooth and comfortable pilot for my future passengers. In turn, I admitted that I was being just a little bit of a smart mouth with him too.

It was all done with the best intentions. I appreciate Bob’s efforts and I think he gets the fact that I’m now comfortable enough with the flying, even during the airwork manoeuvres, to be slightly bolshie with him. Although I suspect that occasionally he may wish he had the girl-who-couldn’t-string-two-syllables-together back in the cockpit with him!

For me the ultimate payoff is seeing him sitting there next to me. One arm propped on the arm rest, the other just hanging free, eyes enjoying the scenery as I bring us back for a return over the city. Not a care in the world with regard to my flying

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