Monday, 10 November 2014

It’s lonely at the top

I was so focussed on the goal of getting my license that I didn’t even stop to think about what happens after.

I suspect there is a whole slew of “what I plan on doing now” posts but I’ve kind of discovered that it can be a little lonely here at the top.

Take Saturday for example, the day I took the previous GFA picture from. I was meant to be flying some friends up to Lake Simcoe. My first passengers.

The weather looked a little on the sucky side, I checked the METAR, the TAF, the GFA and went to the old standby of looking out of the window. MY usual routine before flying.

I think I’m going to cancel, what comes next …… text Bob for his opinion.

….. Ah, No!

I errm, well I guess I don’t do that anymore do I?

You’re on your own girl. You need to evaluate, decide and then break the news. That “crutch” has gone now. It’s all on you

I’m left pondering the things that achieving my PPL has left me woefully unprepared for. I’ve never been to an unfamiliar airport without visiting it with an instructor first. I find myself contemplating local airports and stressing about parking and other such logistics.

I’ve never fueled a plane. Hell I’ve never even topped up the oil. I’m starting to understand what D was talking about when he brought his plane. He said he feels the absence of “ramp monkeys” most acutely. Apparently windows don’t magically get clean after all!

I’ve never used a tow bar to park a plane either.

You may ask yourself how I’ve managed two plus years of flying without doing any of this.


The flight school doesn’t like us students messing up their beautifully maintained planes, so they limit what we need to do. The apron is tight so dispatch park and arrange the planes, because they know which order they are going out in. they top up the oil and call the FBO for fuel.

And also, I’m kinda good at looking cute and helpless, which doesn’t hurt! I got a whole squadron of pilots at Tilsonburg helping me park my plane!

It is a concern though.

I’m having a mental debate with myself about the pros and cons of getting flight following on my next planned flight and don’t really know where to ask for help. Or if I really need help in the first place. I suspect that what I need to do is suck it up, get in the plane and fly the damn thing.

I just need some cooperation from the weather.

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  1. Just because you have a PPL does not mean you are no longer allowed to seek instructor advice and/or direction. I ask them questions all the time. What you will find is that they become increasingly vague when they think it's a question you need to answer for yourself.