Friday, 28 November 2014

It is officially official.

Got home yesterday to this in the mail:

My shiny, new, official aviation booklet.

It’s full of official looking stuff and far too many images of my photo.

There are many abbreviations inside; including the fact that I’m officially a PPL SEL.

That’s Single Engine Land.

I informed RTH that I needed to get both my Sea and Multi engine rating ASAP.

Because then I’d be SMELS, and I find that funnier than I should!

In true Canadian Bureaucratic style though, all is not as simple as it should be. My “Aviation Documentt” negates the need to carry my medical certificate with me (it’s now a sticker in the back of the booklet) but it doesn’t include my radio licence (different department you see) so I still have a loose piece of paper that I need to lug around. 

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