Saturday, 15 February 2014

Well oiled

And not the normal kind you’d expect from a Friday night out.

I made the most of work’s mid-term break and clawed back some lieu time owed.  Work’s been stressful for all kinds of reasons; I’m juggling a lot of different projects with a distinct lack of enthusiasm of the moment.

I met up with an old work colleague and friend A and we spent the afternoon relaxing at a local spa. It was heaven.  A couple of hours taking advantage of the various water therapy pools and steam rooms followed by an hours massage.

It was obviously just what I needed. I don’t relax easily, I find it hard to switch off but this was bliss, I think I may well have dozed off on the table. Finally the mental and physical aches washing away.

I ventured home, slept well and consequently was in a good frame of mind for Saturday’s flight. 

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