Friday, 21 February 2014

VIP service.

The owner was kicking around the hanger when I got down there for my flight. It always makes me a little nervous when he’s around, watching me do my preflight, I dunno, I guess it’s a little intimidating maybe, and I’ve mentioned before I make my finest mistakes when he’s in earshot.

Today he was in a helpful mood, kindly pointing my plane out to me as I walked straight past it in the hanger. He also mentioned that he’d just topped off the oil and secured the cap for me.

After a short briefing with Bob I let him know that I was ready to go; knowing that we’d need to do a bit of plane shuffling to get me out. Well he must have been in a generous mood because he told me “go get yourself settled on the plane, we’ll pull you out. No point in getting cold*”

I was a little embarrassed as dispatch hauled me through the hanger, normally I’m more than happy to participate in the aircraft Tetris needed in the winter, but no, it seems I was in for the VIP treatment.  Even more so when the owner insisted that they clean off my windshield before they let me go.

Hey, a girl could get used to this kind of service!  

* At the time I assumed he meant me, looking back he probably meant the engine!

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