Friday, 28 February 2014

Manners and etiquette British Vs. Canadian

Cultural stereotypes abound here. Anyone will tell you that the British are hung up on doing things the correct way. We are masters of etiquette, which may as well be another word for “doing-things-a-certain-way-for-the-sheer-hell-of-it-to-make-other-people-feel-uncomfortable-if-they-don’t-do-it-that-way”

Canadians of course are renowned for their never ending politeness (unless you try to beat them at Hockey!). As both a Brit and a Canadian, this means I am forever trying to do the right thing and apologise constantly for getting it wrong. This infinite loops continues.

Okay, so where the hell are you going with this WMAP? I hear you asking. Well really it’s a bit of a jokey way of describing the situation at the end of my last flight. Being both British and Canadian meant I felt compelled to wait until we had landed and parked up before politely excusing myself from Bob’s post flight debrief in order to duck behind the plane and barf. Strange, Emily Post is startlingly quiet on the etiquette of post flight chundering.

Of course I was abjectly apologetic afterwards.

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