Sunday, 16 February 2014

No drama

As mentioned before, I was in a good mood for today’s flight. Well rested and fully aware of what I needed to do. Rarely, for this time of year, I was within solo currency for the flight school and so no need for Bob to be on board at all. Mentally I knew exactly what was required:  Get to the school early, fill out the necessary paperwork, sign the solo renter’s paperwork, fill in the flight sheet and do my walkround.

All completed in the nice warm hanger (thank you dispatch!), I even managed to locate enough milk crates to create my own little step system in order to visually check the fuel tanks (both brimmed).  All this completed before Bob had even arrived.  

A quick chat to serve as a preflight briefing and another call to flight services to confirm the weather conditions and I was off out to the practice area.

No drama, no handwringing, no chickening out.

Exactly how it should be. 

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