Saturday, 22 February 2014

Finally catching a break

It seems I might finally be catching a break with the weather, the forecast for this weekend being a little on the marginal side. Still there was hope that Saturday might be conducive to some flight time, so I dutifully trundled down to the airport for a “chocks off” time of 14:30Z.

The TAF was still looking a little on the marginal side for upper airwork and at 12:00Z Flight services agreed with that assessment.  Desperate to fly, I consoled myself with the fact that at least I could get some steep turn and forced approach practice in.

BY 14:00Z the picture had changed somewhat; another call, another weather specialist (this one a bit scarier, I’m getting to recognise their voices!) The ceilings had lifted but there was still transient cloud blowing down from the north, I managed to in him down to admitting that it I stayed south of Claremont I’d probably be OK, I just needed to keep an eye out. I wasn’t too concerned. Cloud coming in from the North means that the conditions in front will deteriorate before the conditions behind me, so the chances of me not being able to get back were minimal. The option of limping home along the shoreline would remain viable for long enough.

I went out and did what I needed to, dodging the odd cloud here and there. I will admit that there is a little voice inside me that wants to fly through a cloud, just to see what it’s like! Strong as the urge is, that particular itch doesn’t need to be scratched when I’m solo!

By the time I got back the ceilings had worsened, Bob’s other solo student had managed to find a hole to work in but it was closing up by the time he got back.  As far as I could tell the situation was not improving.

Which means, for once, I actually caught the best of the weather. That makes a nice change. I’m hoping that winter is on its last legs now and that spring isn’t too far away.

Spring will bring back the opportunity to do some cross country flying and that excites me a lot at the moment!

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