Friday, 15 August 2014


In case you hadn’t noticed I’m slowly getting round to putting some of my backlog up on YouTube.

I feel kind of obliged to seeing as I seem to be getting a steady trickle of people subscribing to my channel. Somehow I’m up to 117 subscribers with more joining each week.

I’m not entirely sure where you are coming from but you are very welcome!

I feel the need to add some sort of disclaimer as these are most definitely not meant as “how to learn to fly” videos. They represent someone who was a very nervous passenger who is now blundering her way through getting her PPL. They are very “raw”, full of mistakes and misadventures and should not be taken as representative of good practice.

They aren’t that well edited either, the cross country ones I’m currently posting have bits hacked out of then to show mostly the departures and landings. The transitions between edits are not by any means smooth.

Doing something creative with all this footage is on my list of things-I-will-eventually-get-around-to-doing-when-I-have-gotten-my-PPL-and-have-some-spare-time.

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