Monday, 4 August 2014


Because I’m trusted to fly these planes without an instructor on board now, it’s kind of a given that I can do certain things with minimal supervision from Bob. One of those things is my preflight checks. Once the cause of much sweat and consternation, now merely routine.

Bob barely bothers to observe them now, using the time to organise his stuff, either for me or his next student or just sight see in general.

Last lesson I had to say something though, he had his chart unfolded and was obviously trying to do something with it. Normally this doesn’t bode well for me, but seeing as we’d agreed that I was going to practice some diversions, I knew what was coming my way. 

Bob; however, seems to be having a small issue with his charts. He's got it fully unfolded an appears to be struggling with rearranging it

I can only take so much; I pause in my execution of the check list items to inquire sharply


“What?” he replies, seemingly puzzled, chart fully outstretched in his hands.

“It’s like sitting next to a chimp gift wrapping a present” I observe tersely.

He looks mock-hurt for a moment before we catch each other’s eye and burst out laughing.

He gets his revenge on the way back. After a long involved flight, a lot of which was spent under the hood. I blink to take in my surroundings and set up for a straight in approach for 26.

Mentally congratulating myself for keeping up my speed and blending in seamlessly with the circuit pattern. I’m on a nice stable approach at the correct height and trimmed out.

“Are we landing on delta then?” Bob inquires, all innocence and smiles.

Yeah maybe my alignment is a little off. I set my head straight and compensate to the left a little.

“Obviously not” I say through gritted teeth. But in truth his sarcasm amuses me greatly.

He apologises for it afterwards, hoping he hasn’t offended me but in truth it kind of makes me feel at home.

After two and a bit years of teaching me everything he knows about flying, it would seem that I’ve finally taught Bob to speak a language I understand!

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