Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Definitely a city girl.

RTH and I are back from our trip up the Bruce peninsular. The weather, for the most part, cooperated reasonably well. Although we didn’t get to use the telescope like we hoped.

We did a lot of driving, a reasonable amount of relaxing, some walking and a little geocaching. The latter two going together reasonably well.

Our first attempt went a little off track, literally. RTH and I misinterpreted a trail route. What should have been a gentle 2.5 km stroll along a wooded park went a little off course. 5 km off course to be exact. Leading to the rather embarrassing situation of being a little unsure as to where we’d actually left the car.

Actually that isn’t true. We knew exactly where the car was. Getting to it was another matter. Realising that we had no cellphone signal and therefore no GPS, we laughed it off and headed in what we hoped was the right direction.

Eventually we hacked our way through the forest, the day having grown a little warmer than we liked. We did find our trusty stead and hopped in to crank on the aircon.

City fail number 1, Cell phones don’t get a signal in the middle of provincial parks.

City fail number two became apparent later. Unwittingly we’d become fodder for what seemed like Ontario’s entire mosquito population. And Canadian mozzies are vicious, capable of getting you through two layers of clothing*.

In between surreptitious scratching of my many, many bites it did occur to me that internationally Canada is seen as a bit of a nice guy. We don’t have a massive military presence, we aren’t armed to the teeth like a certain cousin to the south.

That’s because we don’t need to be. We have summers that boil you, winters that freeze you to the bone. Plants that cause you to come out in painful blisters and animals that can snap you in half with a single bite.

The entire country is a freakin’ weapon!

And while I like to admire the scenery. I’m very definitely a city girl at heart.

* this isn’t an exaggeration, I can assure you that some places that I’m currently sporting bites were NOT exposed to the air.

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