Friday, 13 March 2015

What it's all about

A day off work, relatively decent weather and a last minute decision to see if a plane was available all added up to a pretty sweet day!

I dropped an email to flying friend to see if they wanted to tag along and planned a nice little local jaunt around Lake Scugog. A flight, incidentally I’ve attempted a couple of times, but been thwarted on the weather front every time.

For once all the pieces seem to align. Flight services confirmed my take on the weather; clear, bright but with reasonable winds from the east. Those winds being the only minor spanner in the works, a little stronger than I’d like but they were straight down the runway, even if it was my old nemesis 08!
I’ve got a few blog posts to come about today but it was just amazing really. A totally uneventful but fun flight, no real purpose in mind other than to fly and enjoy the view.

Courtesy of my passenger S, I’ve got some awesome photos to share and the video is being Youtubed as we speak.

Looking back, this is what it was all about. The reward for sticking with my PPL training, for the early morning treks to the airport, the late night study sessions, the angst of whether I’d ever feel ready.

A spontaneous flight with a friend, enjoying the view, shooting the breeze and appreciating the sheer majesty of what we do.

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