Monday, 30 March 2015

Help needed

Especially from my sizable percentage of “lurker” readers

Can you let me know via either the comments or by email (localflighteast {at} if you are getting “503” error messages when accessing old posts?

In return I’ll try to break my writer’s block and shove some new content on here


  1. No 503 errors, but I am seeing something quite odd. If I scroll down from the full/main page and expand 2012, then the months, I can click on any month, or expand the months and click on individual posts with no issues. However, once I'm looking at one of those posts, if I again scroll down and click on any of the 2012 month headings, it triggers our BlueCoat firewall as 'Suspicious' and sends me to the appropriate response page. None of the 2013 or later months exhibit this, and it's only when I'm clicking after scrolling down from an older post. Very strange indeed.

  2. thanks - I'm looking into it - will keep you updated. I'm getting weird stuff my end too :(

  3. No errors or odd bahaviour noted using Firefox in Windows 7-64bit
    Love this blog.

    1. thanks, it seems to be behaving now, think google was having an off day!
      glad you are enjoying it, new content soon I promise!