Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ice ice, baby!

Now that spring is threatening to break through, the ice is finally breaking up in the inner harbour. At one point it was easily thick enough to walk on, as was demonstrated by the person that RTH and I observed last week, happily standing in the exclusion zone at the end of 26 snapping photos.

Somewhat bemused we observed them walk out across the inner harbour, getting closer and closer to the threshold. Finally we agreed that we had a duty to do something, RTH called up the Tower on his cellphone (we were home at the time, looking out of the lounge window) and said something along the lines of “Ermm, I don’t know if you are aware but you have a pedestrian in the exclusion zone”

Anyways now the ice is breaking up and it’s pretty. S took some photos.

They are pretty cool

And finally this one, no ice but I just love overflying the traffic jams and thumbing my nose at the stuck drivers!  

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