Friday, 4 April 2014

On a completely unrelated note.

I was otherwise engaged when I got Bob’s text about this week’s flight. To be accurate I was engaged in both drinking and hollering into a microphone. Yes it was Rock Band time!

By virtue of elimination, I get the microphone by default. Seeing as I’m physically incapable of playing any of the instruments. My two companions are both equally at home on the guitar and the drums and are happily bashing/strumming away while I combine alcohol and lyrics in an attempt to keep up.

I’m texting back and forth with Bob in between tracks. I’m more than a little concerned that he appears to be asking me if I feel ready for a cross country flight. Specifically he’s asking if I feel I need practice on any particular item.

I can’t even begin to start to answer that question. In fact I reckon I have a whole blog post in there somewhere, so I settle for a tentative “no”*

Bob also offers me another option for a slightly shorter flight with some instrument work combined in. I hesitate. I’m feeling low in confidence and don’t make the best decisions when I’m like that. I pick the easy option when I should be pushing myself. I tell Bob that I want his opinion on what’s best.

Mid Track I get his response, “we should plan for a dual cross country.”

My reply is a strangled high pitch “Eeeeeeeeeep!”

This draws attention from my two fellow band members, as those definitely aren’t the lyrics.  At the end I explain “Looks like I’m doing a cross country flight this weekend guys”

“Cool,” replies the drummer.

“Yeeeeeeeah,” I exhale “on a completely unrelated note, I just need to pop into the next room and have an anxiety attack”

* There may have been some self indulgent angst attached to the reply as well.

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