Monday, 14 April 2014

All by myself

So yeah JES and I have been on a few adventures recently. The big one, of course, being the epic journey to Muskoka and Peterborough. Solo

Yep, let us take a moment to contemplate that word.


On my own

No assistance on hand.

I’m emphasising this point because it readily became apparent that a few people at work were harboring some misconceptions.

For the record, no my instructor doesn’t sit in the back. No he’s not on the other end of the radio either. And no, for the most part of my trip I’m not really in contact with ATC either.

It truly is solo.

To answer L from work’s query: If I have a question then I have to figure out the answer myself. Solo. All by myself.

And yes, that truly is as terrifying as it sounds. The thought hammered home to me a few days beforehand. For various reasons I’d had an unsettled night’s sleep. Finding myself awake at 3:00am, I turned over thinking, “3 hours, I’ve got loads of time to go back to sleep.”

3 hours

That’s how long my cross country is going to be.

That’s a long time.

All by myself.

Turns out though, I wasn’t exactly alone!

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