Friday, 15 January 2016

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging….

Yes I know I’m meant to be blogging about my Laser eye surgery….

I’ll get back to it, but the fact that I’m currently able to type should tell you that I at least have one working eyeball.

I just wanted to share the awesome news that TRANSPORT CANADA HAS REINSTATED MY MEDICAL.!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Despite me still being on the crazy pills. I just need a report from my doctor every six months telling them that my degree of craziness and medication has remained the same.

Timeline wise, I’m impressed. It took less than a month from my doctor submitting the original report to Transport Canada clearing me. This included the Christmas period as well.

The irony is, that I now have to self report as being unfit for a month because I let someone loose on my eyeballs with a Laser!

Oh the eye-rony!


  1. Outstanding. As soon as the eyes are OK, get yourself back in the aircraft.

  2. Wow this must be such a relief. Very cool.

  3. You're one of a small minority of pilots who has actually being medically certified sane enough to fly. Most of us are just assumed so, with no professional evaluation. Muhahaha!

  4. I hope you're still around LFE. Life on the internet just isn't the same without you.