Saturday, 8 August 2015

What I signed up for

Today I wandered down to the airport, crossed over using the new pedestrian tunnel (something which cuts about half an hour off of my journey), signed out a plane and did my walkround.

After settling my passengers in, I went through my usual safety spiel (something I no longer feel self-conscious doing) and off we went to Edenvale (CNV8).

An hour’s flight was followed by a leisurely lunch. A quick splash of fuel to get us home and away we went.

The winds aloft minimal, the journey back pretty much the same length as the one there. An approach over the city with a fantastic view of the CN tower and downtown core. Culminating in an uneventful landing and home.

This is what the two and a half years of angst and self-doubt were about. This is what I signed up for.

Who gets to do stuff like this?!

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