Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Two out of three ain’t bad

I’ve never made any secret of the fact that airport spotting isn’t exactly my forte. I can’t help but think in the 21st century we should have a way of making airports slightly more visible to your average GA pilot, I blame the local populace for surrounding them with trees, or Southern Ontario in general for being so big and fieldy in nature!

Anyways I was mildly happy that I spotted Oshawa airport. Especially from only 2500ft (the higher you are the easier it is to spot these places, allegedly). I got us there without too much drama, handed it back over to S for a landing and all was well.

The next leg was mine as well, Oshawa to Lindsay.  Should be easy, follow the GPS and there you go.

So I flew, played around with the controls a little, that plane is beautifully trimmed by the way, highly responsive on the controls and straight as an arrow. Unlike flight school planes, which have a tendency to fly sideways if you let them.  An inevitable result of the pounding they take from your average student pilot.

The sky was clear, the scenery beautiful and the plane a joy to fly.  S had the radios, E slept in the back and I was having a blast.

All was great, until I set us up for the downwind on what turned out to be an industrial estate.


I kind of redeemed myself though by spotting Buttonville waaaay before S

I guess two out of three aint bad!


  1. I had a hell of a time spotting Lindsay as well. It's well camouflaged.

    1. Follow radial 076 out of YSO and have faith :) - D