Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A new era

In the LFE and RTH household. We are a cable tv-less zone.

We’ve been looking at alternatives for a while but things have come to a head recently with crappy programming and even crappier hardware conspiring against us.

For a while we’ve suspected that we aren’t exactly getting value for money, so we made a list of the series that we actually watch during a year (on average) and priced out what it would costs to buy them outright on either ITunes or Googleplay. When it worked out to less than 3 months cable costs, well that gave us some food for thought.

As I mentioned things came to a bit of a breaking point and we were faced with the choice of either cancelling the cable or my going on an armed rampage through the cable company’s HQ.
Possibly worried about my workplace’s proximity to said Cable Company’s HQ, RTH did the sensible thing and cancelled it.

As of today we are officially cable free. The idea being that we will still watch the stuff we used to but my habit of having mindless crap on as background noise will stop.

We still have Netflix and options for purchasing digital versions of series, we can even pick up some stuff free over the air and we own a plethora of other assorted gadgets including an Apple TV and a Google chromecast.

I’m hoping that now I’ve removed my ability to zone out and waste the evenings sitting watching inane crap on the TV, it might spur me on to do some more useful stuff like

·         Writing blog posts
·         Writing my book
·         Doing something with my video backlog
·         Acting on my vague plans to reorganise the stuff on my current YouTube channel
·         Lego
·         Reading books
·         Other stuff that hasn’t occurred to me yet but may well do so.

At the very least I’m hoping it might spark some creativity as I’m not joking about my lack of writing ability at the moment.

We shall see.

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  1. Yup, the only way the cable companies are going to improve is when enough people vote with their pocketbooks...

    (D and I get our entertainment via a combination of Netflix and streaming from various channels' websites. Seems to work perfectly fine!)